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What is TDX CLOUD?

The Telecom Data Explorer (TDX) contains all the tools needed to design RAN, wireless broadband, and backhaul networks.  With near real-time access to the FCC licensing database, it gives our designers a full suite of tools needed to prospect and specify equipment locations and coverage.



TDX Cloud is used to define areas of interest.  It pinpoints existing tower locations and provides complete FCC licensing information within a user-defined geography.


TDX Desktop uses the site list generated by TDX Cloud and enables our engineers to drill down to the path level and generate both path profiles and coverage maps.  A full suite of RF design parameters and propagation models provide the user with total control of the design.


The output of the TDX design process is then used to generate .KML files for use with Google Earth to enable the designer to fully explore the geography of the network.

Complete Visibility

We can export the data from the design into Google Earth Pro for a true visualization of coverage, path design, fiber and microwave backhaul and physical plant.  Request a demo and see what we can do with any 3G/4G/5G network design.

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