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Let SDL Network Viewer show you the way. No more tedious data manipulations. Telecom Data really seen for the first time.

TDX Cloud Mapping

The user can define a geographic area to analyze using TDX Cloud.  A real-time connection to the FCC licensing databases is used to show existing licensed locations in the area of interest.

TDX Network Configuration

The output from the TDX Cloud is used by the TDX Desktop to enable detailed design of each user-defined path.  Any combination of transmit and receive sites can be selected, one pair at a time.

TDX Path Design

The parameters for each selected path are specified and can be used to generate path profiles and coverage maps. 

Path Profile

A path profile is generated based on the parameters chosen for the path design.

Coverage Map

Here is a coverage map for the transmitter chosen for the path design. It is displayed in Google Earth.

Path Map

The entire design showing all paths can be displayed in Google Earth.

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