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Communication Tower

Frequency First


Our Frequency First approach eliminates interference problems by design.

Data & Analytics

Geolocation of assets, licensed and available frequencies plus paths. 

We produce high confidence designs - no physical path surveys required.

 We have data and insights of great value:   Do you need to know if a 5G licensed or unlicensed network can be installed in a given area? Is microwave backhaul capacity available? 


One Platform, One Place, One Design

We do the work, so you can focus on what's important. 

Frequency First   Planning


Many RF planning workflows focus first on coverage and propagation. When the plan is completed, it is passed to the frequency coordinators who must determine if any of the proposed RF emitters interfere with existing licensees and their equipment. If there is any interference identified the plan must be sent back for revision. This process can be iterative creating a RF planning/interference loop which is costly, time consuming and error prone.

To remove this loop, our Frequency First   approach is to start with a complete awareness of the frequencies in use and any interference that exists. THEN, design the coverage and propagation plan within the same system. This reduces the number of iterations, the quality goes up and the time to deployment goes down.


Our experience in big data & analytics creates high confidence network designs at scale. 

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Alan McCulley, Founder and CEO (
George Kizer, CTO (


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